Corporate responsibility and sustainability

  • 4-legged Race, New Zealand
  • SOS Children’s Villages, Poland
  • Interlink Magic Mile, Hong Kong
  • National Centre of Indigenous Excellence

Goodman Foundation

The Goodman Foundation has a comprehensive strategy focused on providing support and contributing to the community. This is delivered through the distribution of: cash; volunteering; workplace giving; and in-kind programmes, with long-term partnerships developed and in operation with charitable organisations in all Goodman locations. Through our strategic partnerships with more than 56 charities in 2014, the Goodman Foundation is building communities and making a meaningful difference to the lives of disadvantaged people and vulnerable communities around the world.

The Goodman Foundation is represented in Australia, New Zealand, Greater China, United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Poland, with expansion of the Foundation’s activities continuing across Europe, Japan and the US.

Many of our community partners not only benefit from receiving Foundation grants, but also through fundraising and volunteer support from Goodman staff in our good+heart programme. Our good+deeds workplace giving programme allows staff to make regular payroll donations.

The charter of the Goodman Foundation is focused on improving the quality of life and standard of living for people in the communities where Goodman operates, through the support of a range of community programmes. In 2014, we helped to establish many new initiatives through seed funding and support of emerging organisations such as those referred to in the list below.


The Goodman Foundation are true partners of OzHarvest. Their support is absolutely fundamental to our ability to continue to grow and deliver on our strategic outcomes. We needed a new multipurpose facility where we could grow our logistics and food storage, house our fabulous team and kick off our long awaited Nourish programme. Goodman, with the support of their business partners, delivered on this huge request! Goodman are enablers and are always standing with us to help ensure our continued growth and success. We see them as an extension of our team and together we are able to do great things.

Ronni Khan
Founder and CEO, OzHarvest

Wooden Spoon


Case study – The Helmsman Project

Goodman’s volunteers go far beyond ‘the call of duty’ in support of The Helmsman Project, which is very much appreciated. We are extremely grateful for the support the Goodman Foundation is continuing to offer The Helmsman Project and look forward to building upon and extending our collaborative effort over the coming year, as The Helmsman Project gears up for further growth.

Andrew Stainer
Chairman, The Helmsman Project

The Goodman Foundation is a founding supporter of The Helmsman Project (THP), a not-for-profit organisation that runs a unique adventure based coaching programme for students from schools located in disadvantaged communities.

At the core of the initiative is a 13-week personal and team coaching process that integrates two intense adventure education blocks to complement the students’ learning process. Sailing is used as the adventure education activity. The students learn to develop a broader perspective of the opportunities available to them in the future and other core skills that will help them navigate through life’s challenges and achieve their full potential.

During the 2014 financial year, 43 students graduated from the programme, and through the ongoing support of the Foundation, THP hopes to deliver the programme to over 150 students in the coming year.

The Goodman Foundation has been a strong supporter of The Helmsman Project from the outset and this has extended beyond valuable financial assistance. Goodman employees have volunteered to join THP working groups, providing professional expertise and advice to its executive team and assisting the organisation with the establishment of an operational and risk management framework.




FoodShare, New Zealand

The Goodman Foundation provides our people with the opportunity to make a difference by taking action.

Staff engagement programmes

The Goodman Foundation conducts two employee focused programmes called good+deeds and good+heart. These programmes allow Goodman employees to contribute in various ways to several organisations and are making a significant difference to people’s quality of life.

The good+deeds programme is an employee workplace giving programme where Goodman employees can offer financial support to charities they have selected and these contributions are matched by the Goodman Foundation.

Organisations participating in good+deeds include Clown Doctors (Australia), Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) (Australia), Red Cross (Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and China), MS New Zealand, Children’s Cancer Foundation (Hong Kong) and UNICEF (China).

good+heart is all about employee engagement and under this programme the Goodman Foundation provides our people with the opportunity to make a difference by taking action. Under good+heart, Goodman team members can fund-raise for a cause they are passionate about, volunteer their time or expertise or participate in a charity fundraising event.

Goodman provides encouragement and support to good+heart participants by funding the entry fees or costs for events; making donations to specific causes; providing time off work; and sourcing and organising opportunities for employee participation throughout the year.

Some of the good+heart initiatives undertaken over the past year include: MS Gong Ride (MS Australia); Balmoral Burn (Humpty Dumpty Foundation); City to Surf (OzHarvest and ACRF); Endure for a Cure (Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia); Entoure Bike Ride (Clown Doctors); 20/twenty Challenge (Cerebral Palsy Alliance); Great Potentials (New Zealand); CBRE Property Industry Bike Ride (United Kingdom); JLL Mount Kellett Relay (Feeding Hong Kong) and Goodman Magic Mile (Benji Centre) (Hong Kong). Goodman employees also provided skilled expertise to OzHarvest, National Centre of Indigenous Excellence, MS Australia and The Helmsman Project.

The selected charities that Goodman supported during the 2014 financial year with cash grants or warehouse/office facilities included:

  • Benji’s Centre (Hong Kong)

  • Bestest Foundation

  • Books in Homes

  • Bread and Butter Project

  • Cerebral Palsy Alliance

  • Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia

  • Christchurch Community House (New Zealand)

  • Clown Doctors

  • COM4unity

  • Duffy Books in Homes (New Zealand)

  • Fight4Victory (New Zealand)

  • FoodShare (New Zealand)

  • Good Beginnings Australia

  • Good360

  • House with No Steps

  • Humpty Dumpty Foundation

  • Mission Australia

  • MS Australia

  • National Centre of Indigenous Excellence

  • OzHarvest

  • Property Industry Foundation

  • Qing Cong Quan (China)

  • Raise Foundation

  • SOS Children’s Villages (Belgium, France and Poland)

  • The Amazing Magic Club

  • The Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation

  • The Helmsman Project

  • The Salvation Army

  • TNC Inc

  • UNICEF Australia

  • Wooden Spoon (UK)

  • Yalari